The purpose of Gimi is for children to learn how to manage money. In order to learn, you need to practice, preferably together with your parents. In the Gimi app, children can, for example, create savings goals, carry out chores and do lessons on the topic of personal finance, while parents can, for example, schedule weekly or monthly allowance, hand out chores and get tips on educational activities to do with their children. Therefore, parents and children need to have their own user accounts in the app, and it is necessary to connect their accounts with each other.

How parents connect with children:

For the purposes of this guide, we will explain how to invite a child that does not have an existing user account in Gimi.

  1. Go to the homepage screen and click the "Add Child" button.

  2. Choose "Create an account for my child". (If your child has already installed the app and created his or her own account, choose "My child already has an account".)

  3. Enter your child's name.

  4. Enter your child's age.

  5. Invite your child via SMS or Email. This will be your child's login credentials to the Gimi app. If your child doesn't have a phone number or email address, please read here:

After completing the steps above, a download link will be sent to your child's phone number or email address. Your child should install the Gimi app using this link and then sign up using the same email address or phone number that you invited them with.

How children connect with parents:

  1. Go to the homepage screen and click the "Invite a parent" button.

  2. Invite your parent. You can select SMS, email or QR code

  3. A download link will be sent to your parent's phone number or email address.

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