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How does the bank account connection work?
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When you connect a bank account to the Gimi app, you and your child will be able to see the balance as well as the transactions relating to that account inside the Gimi app. All Gimi features such as allowance calculations and payments, goals and chore bonus payments will be linked and used with the bank account. For example, this means that you will be prompted to pay out the allowance (+ any calculated bonus) to the bank account. Once that is done and marked as paid, you and your child will see that the allowance for that week or month has been paid out.

Our design and intention is that the bank account that you connect is opened in the child's name and has a payment card connected to it. This way, you and your child will have a youth friendly environment in which both of you can track payments, plan allowances, follow up on goals and conduct assignments/chores.

Since you as parent will be viewing the account, you must have permission to access your child's account. This usually means that you are able to view the account when you perform a secure log in with your own credentials via the banks own systems or apps.

When you connect a child's account you should use your own credentials and secure log in system, even if your child has access to their own secure log in system. Use the Gimi app to set up the connection. You should be logged in to your parent account.

Please note that some banks do not allow connections to specific types of accounts, including some savings accounts and some types of youth accounts. If the account you are trying to connect does not show up, make sure you have access to that bank account via your ordinary bank application. If this is the case, please contact our support for further investigation.

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