By connecting your child’s bank account to Gimi you will be able to keep track of your child’s balance and transactions in the same place as you manage the allowance. We also categorize all their transactions and you will get a spending summary each week.

In Sweden, the following banks are supported:

  • Danske Bank

  • Handelsbanken

  • ICA-banken

  • Nordea

In Norway, the following banks are supported:

  • DNB

  • Danske Bank

  • Sparebank1

  • Sbanken

  • Nordea

  • Handelsbanken

In the Netherlands, the following banks are supported:


  • ING

  • Rabobank

  • SNS Bank

Please note that the bank connection itself takes place according to the conditions set by the respective bank, and unfortunately we do not always have full insight into the processes that take place. Should you have any problems connecting your child's bank account please see this help article:

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