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Using Gimi with a connected bank account
Connecting a bank account
I can't connect my child's bank account, what's wrong?
I can't connect my child's bank account, what's wrong?
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There can be many reasons you can't connect your child's bank account. Please check the below:

  • Are you trying to connect a savings account? Most banks unfortunately don't support this.

  • Does your bank support connecting youth accounts? You can see the list of banks that support accounts being connected to Gimi here.

  • Is your child's bank account recently created? Then you might need to re-authenticate to the bank for the account to show up. Delete the connection to the bank by going to "Setting" --> "Connect child's bank account" and then delete the connection to the bank at the bottom of the page (or press the red trash can next to a child if you connected the wrong account. Restart the app and try again.

  • Have you already connected the bank account of one of your children but have issues connecting the account of your second child? Read here.

If the bank you are still not able to connect, please contact our customer support through the chat or send an email to [email protected].

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