When you initially connect the first child's account, depending on your bank, you might be asked to provide permission for the Gimi app to connect to your available accounts. In this prompt you must give permission for all accounts you wish to connect, for the first child and any subsequent connections to other children.

If you did not provide permission for the account you are trying to connect to a secondary child, it may be that the account is not showing up due to permission settings.

To solve this, you can remove all the bank account connections and reconnect again. This will restart the flow and you'll be presented with the permission page once more. To do this, go to Settings → Connect child’s bank account. Then click on the little red trash can symbol, next to the account you want to remove. This allows you to add a new bank account again.

If the account does not show up even after having made sure you have given the app permission to view it, please contact our support for more information.

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