What bank should I chose for my child?
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Currently, not all banks allow their customers to link children's and youth accounts. Therefore, we want to recommend the banks that can be connected to the Gimi app.

The banks that work best together with Gimi are:

  • Handelsbanken

  • ICA Bank

  • Danske Bank

  • Nordea (works if the child has their own bank ID and only one child per parent)

If you get a bank account and card for your child at one of these banks, the Gimi app will work just like when you had the Gimi card. You will easily be able to see the balance, transactions and pay out the weekly/monthly money via Gimi.

Do you have problems linking the child's bank account even though it is on the list? Please read this help article this help article.

The banks that currently cannot be connected to Gimi are:

  • Swedbank

  • SEB

  • Länsförsäkringar

  • Sparbankerna

  • Skandiabanken

If you choose to get a bank account and card with one of these banks, the Gimi app can still be used with a Demo account. A Demo account is a fictional account that acts as a reminder of how much parents "owe" their children in allowance. You then need to make manual "deposits" in the account so that it reflects the child's bank account.

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