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What is Gimi Pro? And how much does it cost?
What is Gimi Pro? And how much does it cost?
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Gimi Pro is a subscription that parents can purchase to upgrade their child's Gimi app with fun and educational features. When upgrading you always get a one month free trial, and you can cancel at anytime. For our current prices please visit our website.

The following features are included in Gimi Pro:

Connect a bank account*

Keep track of your child’s balance and transactions in the same place as you manage the allowance. We categorize all their transactions and you will get a spending summary each week.

Savings goal

Learning to save is a lesson for life, and visualising a savings goal and climbing the goal map makes everything easier. Our research shows that children who save for something manage their money better, which makes this one of the most important features of the Gimi app.

Personal finance lessons

Give your child access to 40+ fun lessons and challenges on personal finance topics. The feature is developed by experts in didactics and includes all the basics that your child need to make better sense of money.

Family money mission

Build strong financial habits with 16+ exercises that you can bring into the everyday life of your family. Organizing a garage sale and budgeting for a family trip are two of many things you can practice with your child!

Savings bonus

Encourage your child to save money by adding a savings bonus. The bonus will be paid out together with the allowance and is calculated as a % of the savings amount.

*The following banks are supported:

Netherlands: ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank, and SNS Bank.

Noway: DNB, Sparebank1, Sbanken, Danske Bank and Handelsbanken

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