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Is it real money in the Gimi app?
Is it real money in the Gimi app?
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It depends whether you are using Gimi with a connected bank account or with a demo account.

Connected bank account: Yes, real money

If a parent has connected their child's bank account to the Gimi app, the app will display the actual balance in the account. All deposits made through the app will be transferred as real money to the connected bank account. Please note that this feature is only available in certain countries.

Demo account: No, not real money

The demo account is a tracker of the child’s allowance, and works like a simple calculator. When the child wants to buy something for the demo account money, the parent pays and deduct the respective amount from the demo account using the minus button. When the parent wants to top up the demo account, they use the plus button. No bank transfers or withdrawals. The demo account is meant to practice with - get a bank account when your child is ready!

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