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The first step - Add widgets
The first step - Add widgets
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When you have created both your and your child's account, you need to set up the widgets you want to use. You do this in the parent app. On the "Kids" home page, click the "+ Add Widget" button. The Widgets you can add are:

  • Bank account 👑

  • Demo account

  • Weekly/monthly allowance

  • Chores

  • Learning

  • Savings goal 👑

  • Statistics 👑

  • Family mission 👑

👑 = For these you need a Gimi Pro subscription

Widgets are what control the content of both your and your child's app. In order to e.g. being able to set up a weekly/monthly allowance, you need to start with adding the allowance widget. Once you have added the widget, you can then click on the widget on the home screen and set how you want the allowance to be paid.

Some Widgets such as Family missions and Chores are used continuously to act in the app.

It is possible to add more widgets afterwards, however, it is not possible to remove the widgets that have been added.

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