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How do I redeem the remaining funds on the Gimi Card and in the Vault?
How do I redeem the remaining funds on the Gimi Card and in the Vault?
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Please contact our support in the app or send an email to [email protected]

Our support will ask you to do the following steps.

Start by ending the subscription via Playstore or App Store, depending on which device the subscription was started on. You can go through Gimi, select Settings -> Gimi Master -> Exit, and you will be moved to the platform where the subscription exists.

We follow a set of regulations, which means that we have to ensure that the money goes to the right account holder, and therefore need a screenshot from your internet bank that shows your name together with the account to which the money is to be sent. We need to be able to clearly see the following information on one image:



Account number



You can attach the screenshot in the email/chat to our support. When you have received an answer from us, it takes about 5 working days for the money to enter your account.

Also note that it is only the parent on the subscription to whom we can complete the transaction and that the card is deactivated upon repayment of the remaining balance.

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