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Where does the money in the Demo account come from?
Where does the money in the Demo account come from?
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The amount in the demo account is not real money, but a tracker to remember how much allowance that is to be paid out to a child. The amount will automatically increase with the child’s allowance on each payday.

If a parent pays out the allowance in cash, or if the parent pays for anything that the child purchased, that amount should be deducted manually from the demo account.

Please note that balance in the demo account is completely fictitious and there is no real money stored in it. It is therefore not possible to withdraw the money or transfer the money to any account.

If you want to increase or decrease the balance in the demo account, the parent can do this from their user account. Parent can add or subtract as much as they want from the demo account. Children can only subtract from the demo account and not add.

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