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What happens with my features if I don’t subscribe?
What happens with my features if I don’t subscribe?
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If you choose not to subscribe, you will not have access to most features in the app. You can of course still use the app, but to a limited extent.

The features that work without a subscription are:

  • Demo account

  • Weekly allowance

  • Chores

  • Instead of savings goals, you can create wishes (not as interactive)

With a subscription you also get:

  • The ability to connect a bank account to get the most out of the app

  • Superskills Adventure

  • Quiz about money

  • Savings target

  • Evaluations of transactions

  • Bonus

If you choose not to upgrade, your existing savings goal will be converted to a wish after the transition period. The bonus will be reset to zero and any bank account that has been connected will be disconnected. Earned stars remain for the children.

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